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WASH AND WAX: Gently washes while adding an additional layer of Hybrid Ceramic SiO2 protection WATER BEADS & ROLLS OFF: Delivers an extreme wate..
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IDEAL USE: Optimized for use with Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax to maximize your experience and results USE WITH OTHER WASHES: Can be used..
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Meguiar's G190526 Hybrid Ceramic Wax Easy To Use: Just spray on, rinse off & dry! It’s that easy Less Effort & Mess: No rubbing, curin..
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CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY: Contains the latest advanced Hybrid SiO2 technology SEALS THE PAINT: Seals paint for long-lasting protection against the e..
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CLEANS & PROTECTS: Spray detailer gently removes contaminants like dust, finger prints & bird droppings, while adding water beading protection..
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Hybrid Paint Coating
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LONG-TERM DURABILITY: Advance chemistry delivers long-term durability with chemical resistance and protection that lasts over a year PRO-LEVEL PROTE..
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