Posh Pile FAQ


1.     Why use Posh Pile mats?

Our mats will upgrade your interior by offering a thick, new, luxury look. They also protect your interior from grease, oil, dirt, road tar, and even wear and tear. 5th Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway have waterproof backings that protect your interior from moisture. High quality carpeted floor mats represent one of the easiest upgrades a car owner can do his or herself to their vehicle.


2.     Why are sewn edges important?

Sewn edges quite simply complete the look of the mat. Inexpensive mats use taped edges. Posh Pile uses only sewn edges for a quality OEM look.


3.     How do I clean my Posh Pile mats?

Use any quality automotive grade carpet cleaner or Meguiar's All Purpose Cleaner to remove stains from the carpet.

4.     How often should carpeted floor mats be replaced?

Car manufacturers require the factories that make their mats to last for 12 months. We find demanding car owners will replace those mats one year after they get their new car because they want to keep their interior looking it’s very best. Less demanding owners will replace their mats in two years. Severe environments (like the Middle East) with lots of sand and extreme heat are really hard on car carpets and require more frequent replacement. The backing of car mats has a huge impact on how long they last. Most aftermarket mats found in retailers use PVC backing. Most of the PVC is quite stiff. We have seen PVC backings crack in cold environments. PVC mats generally have a shorter service life than rubber backed mats. Posh Pile 5th Avenue uses only the highest quality thermo-plastic rubber for it's high flexibility and long service life.

5.     What is the quality of Posh Pile mats?

Posh Pile mats are designed to be of the very highest quality. We use only the highest quality UV and soil resistant pile, sewn edges, nylon heel pads, and quality backing materials. If it is not good enough for our own beautiful cars, we will not put it in the Posh Pile line!