Glass Polishing Compound

-15% Glass Polishing Compound
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Meguiar’s G8408 Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound 

Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound helps restore the clarity in your neglected, grimy glass surfaces. Removes bonded contaminants that normal glass cleaners leave behind. Stubborn dirt such as oil will effectively be removed and it will leave a mirror-smooth result. Lime stains, streaks caused by windshield wipers and other dirt will disappear, which will greatly improve the visibility. This product is the perfect preparation step for glass to be treated with Meguiar's G8504 Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant.

  • Removes pollution, oily residue, and other stubborn build-up to restore smoothness
  • Erases water spots, wiper smudges/marks and other surface contamination to restore clarity
  • Improves glass clarity and vision
  • Perfect preparation step for Meguiar's G8504 Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant
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