Meguiar's G001Kit Glass Treatment Kit

Meguiar's G001Kit Glass Treatment Kit
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Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound

  • Deep cleans glass & removes water spots
  • Restores glass clarity and smoothness
  • Powerfully removes stains, etching, residue & wiper marks
  • Will not distort the glass
  • Helps restore perfect clarity to old, grimy, neglected glass that normal glass cleaners can’t remove
  • Perfectly prepares glass for glass sealant

Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant

  • Relentlessly repels water
  • Makes glass easier to clean
  • Extreme durability
  • Improved chemistry to provide extremely long-lasting water beading
  • 100% actives for maximum rain repellency
  • VOC compliant, non-water based formula = Durability
  • Bonds with the glass on a molecular level to produce dramatic water beading

Meguiar's Perfect Clarity G8224 Glass Cleaner 710 ml

  • Anti-mist formula for durable clear sight
  • Removes insect residues, resin, bird droppings, etc.
  • Safe to use on all foil-coated windows
  • Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner Spray 710ml

Sealant Applicator Sponge 1pc

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