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Ultra Pro Finishing Polish-32oz MD

Ultra Pro Finishing Polish-32oz MD
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The Meguiar's Ultra Pro Finishing Polish M210 helps to remove light imperfections and refine your paint safely. Whether you only have light imperfections that need to be removed, or if you are following up a heavy correction step, you will need to reach for a light corrective polish. Meguiar's packs this high-quality formula with their SMAT Abrasive technology, which is designed for use with Dual Action (DA) polishers. M210 can be used as a follow up to the equally exceptional Meguiar's Ultra Pro Speed Compound M110, or as a stand-alone one step polish. Light swirls, spiderwebs, and other imperfections will be removed with ease and you will be left with an optically clear, glossy finish. M110 works great on any paint surface but really shines on finicky or soft paint. Grab yourself a bottle of the Meguiar's Ultra Pro Finishing Polish M210 and bring your paintwork back to life!


  • Creates deep, glossy finish even on dark and sensitive paints
  • Finishes down without haze, swirls or holograms
  • Easy wipe-off, virtually zero dust or sling with Rotary or DA
  • Follow M110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound For Optimal Results

Engineered to deliver flawless results on even the most sensitive paints in less time

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